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10:59:56 AM Jul 15th 2011
In Italy, there are traditionally three Mafias: Cosa Nostra (the Sicilian, often simply called "Mafia"), 'Ndrangheta (mandatory apostrophe in the name; originally from the region of Calabria, i.e. that portion of the Italian mainland that's closer to Sicily; its structure's not too different from Cosa Nostra's; currently considered the most powerful of the trio), and Camorra (typical of Naples and nearby cities; known by its own members and the local population as 'O Sistema, The System, this one actually doesn't have a single, vertical hierarchy but it's rather organized as a collection of local mafie, which usually hold power in their own towns).

Then there's Sacra Corona Unita, which founded by a Camorra member in the region of Puglia (the heel-shaped one) decades ago, but it's usually considered less important than the others.
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