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04:21:08 AM Jun 22nd 2011
edited by VelvetAndroid
Having just followed onto here after reading The House of Stuart and The House of Hanover pages, the thematic shift when you get to The House of Windsor is pretty jarring. I'm thinking there's an argument for splitting this article in two, separating off Queen Elizabeth II, who surely has enough linkage for her own dedicated page – and the other living royals are already covered in a similar way to how they are here on the British Royal Family page. The existing page could then be reordered into a chronological list of the previous Windsor monarchs in the style of the Stuart, Hanover pages etc.
04:47:46 PM Sep 25th 2011
Okay, I'm going to go ahead and split it. I'll keep the deceased family members over here, merge the living Windsor monarchs with the British Royal Family page, and split the HM The Queen page off for Her Majesty, where I'll also put the appearances of the Queen (and royal family) in fiction. And if anyone wants to yell at me, they can go ahead. But I like this idea, so I'm going with it, and I don't see any reason why we shouldn't.
11:47:04 AM Sep 27th 2011
Brilliant, nice one – I think it's much better like this. Will probably tidy up this page so it matches the other 'The House Of...' pages better (chronological order rather than the reverse version currently being used, etc.), but it's not urgent! Also wondering about the best placing of Diana, the Queen Mother, etc., since they probably belong more to the British Royal Family trope than here, even if no longer living: I'm thinking this page works best as more a simple listing of the previous monarchs of the house...?
04:13:22 PM Sep 27th 2011
Gah, that's up to you, of course! Have at it. I like your idea of just making it a simple listing of past monarchs, and move, say, the Queen Mum and Diana to the British Royal Family page. I'm... not indifferent, exactly, more like I trust you'll do a good job! :D
09:56:59 AM Jan 23rd 2012
I don't know whatever happened to changing the reverse-chronological listing to match the other House Of ___ entries and moving Princess Di and the Queen Mum, but it was a good idea. I have a bit of free time and noone minds, maybe I'll have at it.
01:17:43 PM Jun 2nd 2011
What, no mention of "this century's wedding" (as it was called in Europe at least), i.e. William and Kate ? I am profoundly shocked.
11:59:05 AM Oct 19th 2010
What is Queen Victoria doing here?! Dynastically, she was a Hanover; it was Albert who was of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, which was passed down to their descendants. Not only that, but literally everyone considers her a Hanover— including the official site of the British royal family.
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