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10:27:54 AM Oct 26th 2011
Re: the bit in the article where it talks about the Stuarts as child monarchs, all of them were minors at the time of ascension. James I was 12, James II was seven and James III was nine. James VI & I was the first Stuart not to die young.
09:32:24 AM Oct 26th 2011
From the article:

"In an odd coincidence, Cromwell (and later William III, see below) lived in the house that would become Number 10 Downing Street, much later to become the official residence of the British Prime Minister - a post drawn from the Parliament which only gained such power because of Cromwell's actions."

Anyone got any further info? As far as I know Cromwell lived at Whitehall Palace and William III, who didn't like Whitehall (which burnt down during his reign anyway) had a new palace built and stayed there. I'm pretty sure that Downing Street was named after Oliver Cromwell's spymaster, one of many who reconciled himself with the new (old?) regime that emerged in 1660, but I'm also pretty sure that the street's houses were built subsequent to the Commonwealth period and possibly the Stuart Restoration period.
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