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11:54:39 AM Jul 28th 2016
The following needs some more context (and a work page):

  • Curtis in Operation Crossbow.

I'm not sure about the following two examples - it doesn't seem like dying of old age is really an example of The Hero Dies. By that logic, all heroic characters that eventually die (off-screen, even) are subject to this trope. Likewise, I was under the impression that Jack Sparrow was never seen to be definitively shown as dead, with the crew working to bring him back as soon as the Kraken swallowed him.

  • Rooster Cogburn dies of old age in the remake of True Grit.
  • Schindler's List ends with the Schindler Jews putting rocks on Oskar's grave.

And this seems a bit suspect. Max is the main character, and the one who appears on the cover and posters. Pappagallo never seemed to be that big of a character, and was actually using Max as bait at the end.

03:21:51 PM Jan 26th 2013
What about Ned Stark and Game of Thrones? Huge moment when they took his head off at the start of Season 1, after they had him the face of the show.
03:21:36 AM Jan 6th 2013
The trope name itself should be "The Protagonist Dies", since not all stories have the main character as a hero.
11:35:30 PM Nov 23rd 2011
I really think these pages need spoilers, because I want to go through the list and see examples from media, shows and the like that I have already seen, but can't in case I run into an a show that I want to see or read but haven't yet.
10:30:04 PM Dec 28th 2011
It was warned that there were spoilers beforehand. It would make no sense to suddenly spoiler something that doesn't need to be.

Being in capital and bold letters should be good enough if they read the opener. If they didn't, that's not really our fault anymore.
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