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06:23:03 PM May 5th 2011
According to that other wiki, the name description is wrong:

"The name 'Assassins' comes from the Arabic Hashishin or "users of hashish " was originally derogatory and used by their adversaries during the Middle Ages; the modern word "assassin" is derived from this name, but Amin Malouf states that "The truth is different. According to texts that have come down to us from Alamut, Hassan-i Sabbah liked to call his disciples Asasiyun, meaning people who are faithful to the Asās, meaning "foundation" of the faith. This is the word, misunderstood by foreign travelers, that seemed similar to "hashish""."

11:59:43 AM Nov 22nd 2010
A trope created by Koveras, launched by Lord Gacek.
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