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03:32:45 PM May 16th 2013
The picture on the article appears to be broken.
01:06:36 AM May 17th 2013
Fixied. See here; image UR Ls have become case-sensitive, so they 404 unless written in their original case. Changing the capitalisation of the file extention often solves this, as it did here.
03:49:05 PM Jul 4th 2012
Worth mentioning that after the crash, no American company produced a game console until Microsoft in 2001 with the original Xbox? I think that serves to emphasize how major the crash was— it practically destroyed the industry in the US from the mid-80s to 2001. (Of course as the article mentions, PC gaming never really crashed at all.)
07:52:52 PM Sep 11th 2011
edited by Nineteenth
Scary enough. The page caption and image , hell the entire topic is relevant today. PS3. 360. Wii. PC. Mac. , all with the same games. Portable handheld non-console devices are being marketed to compete with the PSP and DS. Portable devices are now competing with cellphones and tablets.

The quality of games themselves have dropped sharply since the PS2 era of games. Compare Dead Island to Obscure. Dead Island, a modern game has more bugs and suffers from They Just Didn't Care , yet the developers haven't made alot of games. Obscure, also made by a new developer at the time was shipped with very little bugs and was an excellent game with very few if any issues outside of the PC version.

And people are finding this crap acceptable? The price of games continue going up and the quality keeps dropping .. Is it me or is history finding a creative way to repeat itself?
11:24:01 AM Apr 5th 2012
edited by AzureSeas
Ooh! Ooh! I can play this game too!

Let's compare Rayman Origins to Busby 3D. Rayman Origins has had some rocky moments, including going from episodic downlodable title to full retail release, but it manages to become one of the most well-loved platformers of the year, thanks to the care Ubisoft Montpellier put into it. Bubsy 3D is just a clear cash-in on the 3D craze at the time, and heck, it was a franchise killer as far as people are concerned. That it made many "worst game of all time" lists doesn't help.

Point is, really flipping awesome games come out each year, and absolutely abysmal games also come out every year. Quality has gone nowhere.

Multiplatform games are normal. Before PS3/360/Wii, there was GameCube/Xbox/Playstation 2/GBA, and before that was N64/Playstation/Game Boy. However, there's nowhere near the number of consoles there were in the 80s. We're talking, maybe five or seven compared to double digits in the 80s. Besides, new consoles without proper backing get mocked and snuffed quickly. Remember the N-Gage? These consoles are marketed towards different audiences as well. One could see 360 as general adult, PS3 as slightly more niche adult, and Wii as family audiences.

I honestly don't recall a point where stuff like Android and iPhone were being marked to compete with PSP and DS. It seems more like their companies are more focused on their "do everything" aspect, which does include games, but is hardly the focus.

Quite frankly, we should be lucky the costs of games have remained at the levels they did. With budgets to create them going higher, they would have every reason to hike it up. Luckily for us, they decided to do it in a way that's far less forceful, with optional DLC and collector's editions. Also, N64 cartridges could cost, like, $80, and that's before accounting for inflation. Just sayin'.

In summary, the idea that "the second crash is upon us!!!!!1" is absurd. The industry will grow, and it will change, but it will not completely die out.
12:50:01 PM Oct 20th 2010
What really irked me that there was no mention the incident was only related to America until almost the end of the text. It doesn't read like that at all.

TV Tropes is not USA-only page, is it? I think someone thought it was. :/
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