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02:47:46 PM Aug 18th 2013
Someone please change "Time-Warner" to the legal name "Time Warner"...
12:21:06 PM Oct 25th 2011
Someone needs to correct one key point on this page. It wasn't the publishers who failed economics forever, it was the consumers. The consumers were buying these comics on the basis of their "collectability" because they'd been hearing stories about how much Action Comics #1 sold for. In fact, speculation did lead to short term profits for other speculators. Wizards ran current trading prices on back issues of comics and some collectors would buy and wait. It was the consumers driving this activity. The publishers just took advantage of it.

As John K Fisher points out above me, Death of Superman is just one example. The original first print still in its bag was selling for over a hundred at one point within a year or two of it's publication leading inexperienced collectors to buy reprints, not getting how this works. I did this as a matter of fact (I was 13, it was the only time I did this.)
01:51:43 AM May 26th 2012
By the way, I've seen it referred to as "the speculation era" (not just in the comic itself, in the reader comments explaining it).
12:46:13 PM Dec 26th 2010
I think "In particular, the 1992 Death of Superman storyline sparked a massive rise in comic book speculators due to its high level of mainstream publicity, and alienated many when the con was revealed." should be rephrased to clarify it was only the collectors who were inexperienced with comics enough to be surprised Superman came back. Every reader knew, cause, duh, and DC probably figured anyone who would care would know he'd be back before long.
07:37:38 AM Nov 8th 2012
As evidenced by the continued publication of all four titles he had at the time. Yes. This wasn't a marketing ploy, at least not to start with. They killed Superman because their original plan, a story arc about Lois and Clark preparing for their wedding, getting married, settling in, etc, was shelved because execs wanted the comic book wedding to coincide with the marriage on the TV show Lois and Clark. They killed Superman because they were suddenly without a story arc without any warning.
02:52:37 AM Jun 27th 2010
Oh, for fuck's sake! Another locked page!? Seriously. Damn. Edit War takes another page.

Locked pages makes me feel uncomfortable as a troper, I hope it'll be unlocked soon.
11:01:45 AM Mar 29th 2010
arromdee: All right:
  • Deleting the claim that the Crash is why comics aren't sold on the newsstand. It's true that the direct market helped cause the crash, and also led to comics not being sold on newsstands, but because A causes B and A causes C doesn't mean that B causes C.
  • Reworded the Marvel bankruptcy mention to make it clear that it wasn't caused by the crash, although it could be considered a cause of the crash.

This is still awkward in places and needs rewording.
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