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06:40:35 PM Aug 28th 2012
...What is this supposed to be? It reads like a work or trope that relies far too heavily on Self-Demonstrating Article. None of it is formatted properly, to boot.
01:29:07 AM Aug 29th 2012
This is what happens if you click "show all markup" in YKTTW and blindly paste that in. I'll see about fixing it.
10:14:21 AM Sep 11th 2012
edited by surgoshan
This looks like Fish out of Temporal Water, but a slightly exaggerated YMMV version.

The troper launched this and two other tropes on the same day with few examples and poor explanations. IMO, this one definitely doesn't need to be a trope. The other two are Reversion To Stereotype and Gratutious Use Of The Tallit (note the typo in the name). If the Tallit one had more than two examples, I think it'd be a good trope. The other one seems to be about characterization. Either way, they both should go back to YKTTW and get more examples.
12:01:34 PM Sep 11th 2012
And a version that seems a little too focused on porn and sex. We've already got tropes for most of these, and better written as well.
01:20:29 AM Sep 12th 2012
I brought this up on ATT (keyword for search is mtlwriterguy) and lu said they all needed cutlisting; shall we go ahead and do that?
07:48:26 PM Sep 12th 2012
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