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01:32:06 AM Sep 15th 2013
Removed the following: As it's a Zero-Context Example.
11:59:05 PM Apr 2nd 2012
I removed this

  • The part in the above description about real people not acting like 5-year-olds has one oddly specific exception; if you're in a restaurant, and someone drops something which smashes on the floor, perfectly intelligent adults will cheer and/or applaud sarcastically.
    • Well, 'perfectly intelligent adults' for a given value of 'perfectly', 'intelligent', and 'adults'.
    • This happens especially often if something is dropped or broken at a party where people are drinking alcohol. This inevitably results in everybody in the vicinity halting conversations to laugh, and at least one call of "Taxi!"
      • If you drop the alcohol itself, a common call is "Alcohol abuse!"

That's not an actual example. The real reason people clap and cheer when a dish is dropped in a restaurant is to relieve tension with levity. The goal is to protect the waiter from an outburst from the GM or a customer.

Shouting "alcohol abuse!" is just a game and not this trope at all.
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