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06:10:28 AM Jul 21st 2012
There were a few tropes with "The Adventures of Letterman":

A Wizard Did It: The Spell Binder's magic wand allowed him to change a word above the character who would be affected by it by adding/changing/ removing a letter or letters to the word. When the new word appeared, It Got Worse for that character. It would be up to Letterman to make things right, or at least not too bad.

And I Must Scream: "Mighty Crazy At the Bat" had batter Mighty Crazy get turned into a human-sized lump of butter thanks to a really nasty shot by the Spell Binder. Since the game was also on a VERY hot day, Mighty Crazy was going through I'm Melting Type A quickly. He could hear, see and feel the heat..but couldn't move to escape it or cry for help. Since he was butter with a bat, eyes and a cap, it turns into High Octane Nightmare Fuel when you realize what might have happened if Letterman hadn't made him a batter again...and this was shown to kids!

Here We Go Again: Sometimes Spell Binder might have one more shot in his wand and undo what Letterman fixed. One example came when Spell Binder turned a woman's high heels into roller skates by making the "heels" into wheels. Since she was on a downward slope when this happened, she was out of control. Letterman turned the skates back to high heels by taking the "w" away, but Spell Binder then took the "h" away too to turn the "heels" into eels. So she's going downhill again with her feet on eels. Letterman finally stops this by using the "H" on his sweater to make the eels into heels one last time.

Hey, It's That Voice: I didn't know Leo and Max (the original "The Producers") were Letterman and Spell Binder, nor Joan Rivers narrated! Then again, this troper was a little kid who didn't know much about voices then either...

MacGuffin: A wearable one for Letterman: his lettered sweater. Each episode has a new letter on his sweater. If he had at least one letter, he'd eventually have to use what he had to right the wrong. If he had used what had been on his sweater already, then he'd HAVE to physically CHANGE the wrong word to fix things.

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