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06:20:43 AM Aug 24th 2012
The entry about Hashashin sect is based on popular urban legend. According to historian (details in references for the Wikipedia article about Hashashins) it is very unlikely that The term "Hashashin" might simply come from the name of their first leader, Hassan-i-Sabbah (as "Hassansins") given the Muslim sects were commonly named after their founders of leaders - the Hashashin sect was an offshot of the Nizarites (named after Nizar) that is was the movement within the Ismailites (named after Ismael).

Abu Maalouf argues that Sinan was known as a level-headed, workaholic scholar and religious leader. It would be very unlikely for someone like him to habitually smoke hashish or allow his disciples to do the same. In his opinion, Hashashins were named "Asasiyun" - people of Asās, the foundation of faith. It also likely that the term "hashish eaters/smokers" was a derogatory wordplay used by their opponents (in the way of Dominicans [named after st. Dominic] nicknamed later "Domini Canes" i.e. "Dogs of the Lord").

Why do I write all that. Well, this a history trope, so it would be nice if the tropes referred to actual history, not the urban legends.
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