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03:19:31 AM Feb 28th 2015
edited by Croaker42
I'm not sure if this really matters, but I'm not sure this trope is well named. Creon as a character in Oedipus Rex certainly TALKS about not wanting power, but he doesn't actually turn down opportunities to rule. It's unclear whether Creon is actually sincere, or only representing himself as unambitious. In fact, once Oedipus is discredited as king, Creon seizes the crown for himself immediately and banishes the ex-king forever. Creon, in other words, was ultimately perhaps more of a Starscream in disguise.
10:08:26 AM Apr 5th 2015
edited by Headrock
IIRC, the conversation in which he states that occurs when Oedipus offers to give him power. At the end of the play he has no other choice but to take control, since the royal family has proved to be the cause of the disasters in Thebes... I may be wrong, of course, I should read it again sometime.
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