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09:41:19 AM Sep 11th 2010
edited by InsomniacWeasel
Still never quite figured out how to create new pages, so I am just going to put two WMG's here and maybe one day they will somehow get there:

WMG #1: Jack killed Kathryn over something petty. Like completing a level in a computer game (After all, everything that happens in the game is a representation of what went through(and is still going) Jack's mind.

WMG #2: Alternatively, Jack had a... well, not a good reason, but a better reason for killing Kathryn: she didn't really love him as much as he loved her. Notice the levels in which they cooperate. Kathryn can stand on his head as leverage, but the opposite is not possible. You can argue that this is simply because Jack is physically stronger and is just able to support her weight, but since everything else in the game is actually a metaphor for something, maybe that means that their relationship was very one sided. Maybe she even cheated on him. So he killed her.
05:03:08 PM Jan 11th 2011
You can make a WMG page by replacing the "Main" in the web address with "WMG". Just make sure to index it afterwards.
12:09:16 PM Mar 7th 2010
I probably should have asked first but I can't imagine this page getting too much traffic. The description of the sequel is alright, right?
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