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06:51:58 PM Jun 20th 2013
Under "Films", the entry for The Godfather is a bit off. For anyone older than about 30, saying "...make you An Offer You Can't Refuse" most certainly does NOT have positive connotations, and virtually no one I know of would use that when trying to make a good deal in negotiations. I can't speak to the younger generations, but those of us who watched in it during the original release timeframe of the various Godfather movies (70s and 80s) universally associate the phrase with gangsters and criminality and Bad Things Gonna Happen.

05:09:52 PM Dec 28th 2011
The definition provided in the examples section (Live Action TV, The Colbert Report) for "factoid" is "an unsubstantiated assertion that seems factual." The definition I've heard is "a small fact, something interesting but unimportant." Do people think this example should be changed?
05:41:33 PM Jan 12th 2011
A lot of the examples seem to just be catch phrases, which I don't think is the point
01:27:45 PM Aug 26th 2010
The author of this page obviously missed the point. What is it? That's all I care about, and yet it's not here.
06:48:50 AM Dec 24th 2010
Removed an X Just X example, if somebody knows the actual context they can add it back in:

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