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11:27:03 AM Mar 28th 2013
I can't think of a way to properly word this. It's been revealed in the past few weeks that the infamous 47 percent video of Mitt Romney was actually filmed by the bartender.
02:35:06 AM Jul 24th 2011
My (strong) suggestion: Inlcude in article separation on Type I (Ass Pull at the end) and Type II (actual Butler/Gardener/Cabbie/Janitor committing the crime), both may overlap.
07:26:35 AM Apr 26th 2011
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In the Mentalist, in a certain episode (I can't remember which one)... The butler was an atleast an accomplish with Patrick Jane (lead character and in fact the Mentalist) exitingly stating the butler did it, well he helped further saying how he always wanted to say that...

(Complete noob when it comes to T Vtropes so excuse me if I did anything wrong)
06:02:40 PM Mar 30th 2011
Took out this example:

  • From the recently released series Sherlock: "Oh, of course you didn't, no-one ever thinks of the cabbie."

Since a taxi driver isn't a butler (or even a servant), and as I understand it this trope isn't just about general service professions committing murder, it doesn't seem like it fits.
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