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02:17:29 PM Mar 28th 2011
sorry, my work's browsers are ancient and it wouldn't let me reply.

more than happy to help on olivia tremor control, one of my all-time favorite bands.

re: brautigan. Figured I'd start with the big ones (trout fishing, in watermelon sugar) that i can do from memory... some of the more obscure ones, i'll have to go to the library/dig out my old copies.

re: Baraka, he participated with the Beats and the Black Mountain poets (kind of an offshoot beat movement) in the early 60s, when he was still Le Roi Jones. as baraka, he distanced himself from the beats (being a primarily white movement)... so he might object to being called a beat, but he definitely fits better in the "primary" section than the "influenced by."
03:10:21 PM Mar 31st 2011
I'm glad you created a Ken Kesey article too. Have you read Sometimes a Great Notion?
07:07:47 PM Mar 24th 2011
working on this
01:05:47 PM Mar 26th 2011
So am I. If you have the chance, please work on the On the Road article. I created it a few weeks ago, and am having difficulty finding tropes. I think some other Beat books like The Dharma Bums, Junky, and even Kaddish need pages as well.

Also, http://www.beatdom.com/ is an underground zine about the Beat Generation and a decent source on the Beats. And if you need info on Richard Brautigan, refer to http://www.brautigan.net/.
12:45:57 PM Mar 28th 2011
oh man, i've never actually read on the road (ginsberg was always my guy, with burroughs coming in second). glad to help elsewhere though. Planning on getting started on richard brautigan work asap (he's one of my all-time favorites)

also noticed you've done some work on elephant 6 bands... i had been meaning to start an elephant six page for a long time (started today finally) so i'll be working on those as well.
01:09:11 PM Mar 28th 2011
Thank you! Richard Brautigan and Elephant 6 are terribly underrepresented on this site, as is Charles Bukowski. Which Brautigan works do you plan on writing pages for? And yeah, I was the creator of the Olivia Tremor Control and Apples in Stereo pages, which are currently stubs like the On the Road page.

Also, I'm not sure if Amiri Baraka belongs in the "primary Beat writers" section because it doesn't seem like he was directly involved with the "Big 3 Beats" like Cassady, Corso, Ferlinghetti, and Snyder were.

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