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03:52:21 PM Feb 12th 2011
Who is David Blyth, when and how did he take over The Beano (he's not in the list of editiors on The Other Wiki), and did his plan ever reach fruition?
05:01:57 PM Apr 5th 2011
Never heard of him. The editor in the 70s was Harry Crammond. In 1984, Euan Kerr took over, and in 2006, Alan Digby. Now a new editor has taken over last month... Michael something. I call bull, and just posted as such on the main page.
05:38:40 PM Apr 5th 2011
Psst, the discussion page is the place for this. You shouldn't post natter on the main page.
05:28:08 PM Apr 6th 2011
OK. I've removed The Unmasking bit entirely, since it seems to be untrue.
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