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04:17:10 AM Sep 11th 2013
The Real Life-section contains so much discussions and contradictions it's not even funny. I'd love to edit it myself but I don't know enough about military aircraft to do so.
09:23:00 AM Sep 5th 2010
"Robbie the Robot has lots of flashing lights and moving parts, so he looks more advanced than Commander Data, who just looks like a plain old human with a funny skin tone."

Whuh? Find me one person who would expect a Ridiculously Human Robot to be less high tech than a Robot Buddy in the same setting, I dare you.
10:24:28 AM Sep 13th 2012
It's rather confusing, because the description doesn't really agree with a lot of the examples (Like the Tau one). I think it reflects changing sensibilities; while in the 50's, fins and bright colors and Raygun Gothic looked futuristic, nowadays the proliferation of aesthetically designed technological doodads like Apple products means that more people think the future will be smooth and minimalist.

I think the general guide is: You can't judge something by how it looks on a technological basis, especially when that object is a consumer model (Where aesthetics are a top priority).
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