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11:33:43 AM May 11th 2013
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"The Scrappy: The genre has been steadily becoming this in the eyes of purists due to the amount of bands going "tech" and changing their lyrical approach to vaguely philosophical/metaphysical Purple Prose-filled rambling in an effort to win over critics, particularly deathcore acts. Many of them wind up sounding exactly like Decrepit Birth, the band most commonly blamed for starting this trend; while Decrepit Birth themselves are generally respected, the majority of the acts copying them are not. The tendency of many of these bands to rely on studio magic and then fall flat live has not helped them dispell this perception."

This is confusing, particulary because: 1) I've never heard a band sound quite like Decrepit Birth — they have a pretty unique sound 2) Which trend did they start?, since they certainly weren't the first tech/prog death fusion (Diminishing Between Worlds being released in 2008), and they were always technical, just not always progressive 3) I'm fairly sure tech-death has had a large amount of haters since the beginning
02:22:54 PM May 11th 2013
I'm talking that noodly, semi-melodic, vaguely Death/Monstrosity-ish type of tech as played by Decrepit, Necrophagist, Illogicist, and other bands of that sort. And yes, they weren't the first to sound like that, but I'd say that they kickstarted the "going tech" trend of the late '00s thanks to how the critical and commercial success that they had by way of changing from a pretty one-dimensional Deeds of Flesh clone to their current sound, which led to a lot of follow-the-leader activity from various deathcore bands who saw how well they did when they changed their sound and decided that they should do the same.
03:00:12 PM May 11th 2013
The only deathcore band i listen to is The Faceless, so i guess i can't really comment on that, although i will say that going from generic deathcore to generic Decrepit Birth–style progressive tech-death is a vast, vast improvement.
06:38:56 AM Mar 18th 2010
pagad: page could be better by noting whether a band is prog death or tech death
08:50:59 AM Mar 18th 2010
Hm, you're right. I could probably use some help with it; some of the bands I'd be able to identify as prog or tech, but there are also a fair few on the list I haven't listened to. Would you be willing to help?
10:16:38 AM Mar 22nd 2010
I would help, but my knowledge of tech death is rather limited. Looks like it's been mostly resolved anyway.