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04:39:30 AM Oct 10th 2017
edited by MTonberry
In regards to the pronunciation of "Tannhauser/Tannhäuser":

There already are these two variations on the name in german language. They are Pronounced "Tunn-house-er" and "Tunn-hoiz-er". Or maybe "Tan-house-er" or "Tan-hoiz-er"

"Tann" derived from "Tanne", the german word for "fir" (the tree). "Hauser/Häuser" derived from "Haus", german for "house". There is nothing at all hinting at "Tannhauser" being pronounced "Tonn-hoiz-er".

Further "Tannhauser" is not misspelled. Since Tannhäuser was a real historic person, the ballad telling the fictive story about his life was called "Tannhauser". Just to make truth and fiction easier to distinguish. Both names mean the same. Wagner based his opera partly on that ballad, but called him "Tannhäuser" again. So sometimes you will see it this way, and sometimes that way...

In the german version of Blade Ranner, Roy Batty pronounces it as "Tannhäuser Tor".
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