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01:45:47 PM Dec 3rd 2013
We should really rename this "Tall, Snark, and Handsome".
06:39:58 PM Dec 3rd 2013

I like you.
06:42:08 AM Dec 4th 2013
YES! Please somebody take it to TRS!
03:20:47 PM Feb 6th 2013
edited by XFllo
Lots of the examples here fall into the Zero-Context Example category. I would like to improve the article myself, but I am not familiar with all those shows. I'd like to encourage you to add a sentence or two about the characters you know and love. I don't want to delete the examples (verging on vandalism) as I'm sure most of them fit the trope but this way the article is not very informative. Thanks.
04:08:15 PM Mar 6th 2013
The Zero Context Examples were commented out. If you want to uncomment them, add proper context. See also this thread in long-term projects.
07:03:05 PM Oct 10th 2012
edited by OceanLore
Can I get rid of the page image? It's Just a Face and a Caption.
01:39:33 AM Oct 11th 2012
Image pulls should go through the Image Pickin' forum.
03:14:06 PM Feb 6th 2013
I don't like it either, however, I have not found anything better so far. But I'd like to ask fellow tropers to keep looking. I think something from a comic strip or web comics would be good — in that case readers could understand the snark part of the trope.
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