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05:21:00 PM Jun 11th 2018
Basically, if a work ever does this, I immediately lose all respect for it and its creator.
12:20:48 AM Oct 25th 2012
edited by Magiphart
Ace Attorney "Take That" as page image?
12:11:24 AM Apr 23rd 2012
Given that one of those listed is a youtube video of a man that does not really matter and who could do without more exposure with no real confirmation if a Take That was his motive, it should be removed, especially considering the person in question is incapable of even being remotely intelligent or subtle.
01:00:21 PM Feb 26th 2012
I think some of the examples need to be removed. They're more of parodies or poking fun at something. And there's a big difference in a take that and poking fun at something.
02:57:40 PM Feb 9th 2012
Given there's no YMMV banner on top of this trope—does that mean it would only include examples that are in-universe, lampshaded, or confirmed by Word of God?
01:42:49 PM Jun 11th 2011
Why is the current page quote what it is? Looking at the quotes on the "Quotes" tab, I find some of them much better. The current one, although it exemplifies the trope quite well, is about an obscure film and an obscure actor; I feel that it would be better to have a quote about things people will recognize. The Book of Rating's quote on the quote page, about Elmer Fudd and Cyndi Lauper, would be more appropriate, I think.
09:29:38 AM Jan 11th 2011
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09:41:55 AM Jan 11th 2011
What the hell are you talking about?
11:31:44 AM Feb 5th 2011
11:50:43 AM Feb 5th 2011
This is why marijuana will never be legalized in America.
04:32:09 PM Mar 14th 2011
English please?
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