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03:45:12 AM Feb 9th 2015
Should this even be its own page, as opposed to being a subpage of Belligerent Sexual Tension?
04:23:40 AM Feb 9th 2015
Note: removed all links to this page that weren't explicitly about Takahashi couples. It would be easy now to move all this page to Belligerent Sexual Tension / Rumiko Takahashi and then using redirects to point to it for the few genuine Takahashi Couple examples.
09:48:48 AM May 2nd 2010
If all the Rumiko Takahashi examples have a page of their own, is there really a point in keeping those examples in Belligerent Sexual Tension?
09:54:54 PM Dec 23rd 2010
Why don't we redirect this to Belligerent Sexual Tension and just have all the examples there?
03:32:29 PM Dec 24th 2010
They should stay in Belligerent Sexual Tension because they are still examples. They just happen to be examples of both.

If the page stays that is. I'm a fan of Takahashi myself, but I'm not entirely sure this page is necessary except to give more detail on the Takahashi couples. At the very least the description should change to make it more clear that it's just Takahashi couples as examples. It isn't made clear until the last two lines and most of it is just the same description as Belligerent Sexual Tension anyway with slightly different wording in some places.
06:37:49 PM Feb 12th 2012
I don't think we need this page. The page description in 90% identical to BST (in fact other than the first sentence and the later half of the second paragraph, the actual descriptive part is identical), and this page has a grand total of four examples. Just have this page name redirect to BST and fold these examples over.
01:18:56 PM Mar 4th 2010
If the trope is now exclusively about couples by Rumiko Takahashi, with all other examples going into Belligerent Sexual Tension, shouldn't the top image have Rumiko Takahashi characters in it?
09:42:36 AM May 2nd 2010
Yes, it should. Swap the pic with the one currently on Belligerent Sexual Tension, perhaps?
12:25:51 PM Jun 1st 2010
To Sackett: This is the Takahashi Couple trope, for Takahashi characters. The Zero no Tsukaima characters don't belong here, but in Belligerent Sexual Tension. Stop swapping the pictures please.
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