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02:15:18 AM Mar 2nd 2013
What's the skinny on relevant thread necromancy?
03:11:04 AM Mar 2nd 2013
It's usually okay. From the rather large rules posts:

  • On thread necromancy versus the creation of new threads: Neither one is de facto "bad form" here. Either is acceptable, depending on the thread and why it's being brought up again.
    • If the new post is in response to something relevant in the old thread, it makes more sense to necro the old one rather than try to recap the whole previous discussion.
    • If the new post is tangential or only partially related to the old thread, making a new thread may make more sense.
    • If the old thread degenerated into a fight or shitposting, there's no point in trying to necro it it will simply pick back up with fighting or shitposting, 95 times out of a hundred.
    • On the left-hand side of the forum, it's almost always preferable to necro an old thread in Trope Repair or Image Picking than to make a new one.
    • The only things close to rules that we have about necro'ing an old thread is "don't necro just for lulz" and "don't necro to continue a fight."
01:55:36 PM Jun 7th 2012
Should forums with a herald have a brief mention of who the herald is next to them? It would make sense, as you can contact them for more detailed stuff about a particular forum, but I don't know if they'd be happy with that.
12:48:59 AM Mar 5th 2011
Should the listed YMMVs go to the YMMV page?
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