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02:31:01 AM Nov 11th 2012
Please make a distinction between making a show - writing, character design, set design, storyboarding, animating - and simply inbetweening. This article makes it sound like TMS wrote episodes for Animaniacs, for example, when they actually took episodes that were already written, storyboarded, and sometimes even key-posed, and did the rote animation. The reason this was outsourced is because it's so labor intensive, and not as a "co production" of Animaniacs with other companies. TMS has enough productions and co-productions of its own, no need to embellish its accomplishments by giving it credit where it doesn't belong.
08:40:10 PM Nov 12th 2012
edited by HamSandMan77
TMS-Telecom manly did Revisionist work on said shows, what ever TMS/Telecom got from the US, TMS-Telecom will spice it up, alot to most of the time what comes back from TMS-Telecom will be very different from what the US staff had in mind like "Hey, I did not board it like that!" and/or "I did not time it like that" and/or "I did not ask for said colors" but as The US staff sees it, they leave it in there because it is so gorgeous.

TMS-Telecom is not a ditch pot like AKOM, StarToons and Wang Film Productions, They do have say on what they get; However studios like Madhouse and Studio Ghibli do ditch their stuff to TMS (manly through their Telecom unit) every now and then, but they don't do that with US studios like Disney and Warner Bros. because of what happen with Filmation on Zorro (Telecom did say on their site that they only helped out on Zorro).

Also TMS and Telecom (the unit that did most of their foreign stuff and all of the Disney and Warner Bros. stuff) do get money from their foreign stuff; In fact, most of the studio's money comes from foreign productions especially from their works with Warner Bros..
10:32:48 PM Aug 22nd 2011
edited by MrFamicom
Never mind, Deleted
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