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10:54:45 AM Nov 11th 2013
Strange Girl isn't a trope anymore it's a disambigution page. I'm moving this here so some else more familiar with is work can sort out which tropes under Strange Girl this fits into.

  • Strange Girl: Bella's a little odd, going beyond merely being a Cloudcuckoolander. Everything she says sounds like its from a medieval romance, and she’s oddly hostile to Alex (probably because she's not ladylike).

04:11:54 AM Jul 9th 2011
Oh gods why are other video game pages not organized this way. This is brilliant. If all video games were like this, now I wouldn't have to worry about accidentally tripping upon an unblanked spoiler when I'm just trying to find the solution to the Guide Dang It.

If there are a lot of character tropes, though, they can go in the Character Sheet.
04:16:42 AM Jul 9th 2011
I sort of pinched it off the organisation on Gunnerkrigg Court. And yeah, we could use a character sheet here. I sorta need to play the game through again before I trust myself making it though.
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