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11:26:16 PM Mar 23rd 2010
edited by Camacan
I'm at a loss to explain the 58 red links — I've been quite careful searching for the old wicks and changing them. The text search doesn't seem to pick up all examples given Swiss Moment and "swiss moment". I'm down to trawling for "swiss" which is giving a lot of false positives. Hopefully I can clean up the reamaining wicks. Could the cutlist be working on old data? I found at least one example I already fixed. It would help a lot if the cutlist could generate a list of the prospective redlinks.

EDIT: found six more. Done as far as the technology allows.
11:33:11 PM Mar 23rd 2010
11:59:17 PM Mar 23rd 2010
Bad idea to cut an older names like this. There is now way to tell how many off-site links using the title may exist on the web. Cut declined.
12:30:31 AM Mar 24th 2010
edited by Camacan
Fair enough. Thanks for the tip Paul A.
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