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03:48:38 AM Aug 17th 2015
Is the 2015 mass shooting really relevant here? Obviously it was a tragedy but I do not think that one crazy punk should be indicative of an entire culture. Paris and New York have both had racially motivated mass shootings recently and their TV tropes pages don't bring them up.
05:33:41 AM Aug 17th 2015
... honestly, this page is kinda full of issues. Based on the Comics section, for example, just being a good guy from the South seems to be all that is required. Really?
06:12:56 AM Aug 17th 2015
I am not from the South, and in fact have never even been to the South, but it seems rather unfair to say Sweet Home Alabama is a "discredited trope" based on one psycho. I would assume that a vast majority of people there are peaceful considering the fact that they do not have mass shootings every day. I think I shall fix it unless anyone objects.
06:41:01 AM Aug 17th 2015
Oh yes, that's just comically unreasonable. But my point is that this page also has larger problems that may require TRS as well.
07:01:57 AM Aug 17th 2015
A few things:

1/ It is way too soon to tell if the Charleston shooting will discredit this trope. It's barely been two months.

2/ Even if the shooting does discredit the trope, it is not the same thing as saying that all Southerners are violent and/or racist. After all, we can have pages for jews being depicted as greedy and good girls avoiding abortion without saying that they accurately represent reality.

3/ Yes, this page is full of issues, the first of which being that almost every example lacks context.
06:28:31 PM Feb 20th 2011
edited by TrevMUN
Removed this edit:

9th Oct '10 10:19:54 AM
Added line(s) 35 (click to see context) :

Yeah, that's a real shining example of humorous wit there. No ... no, it's just ugly Natter.

On that note, for the troper to which they were replying:

23rd Aug '10 11:27:35 PM Cao Cao
Changed line(s) 34 (click to see context) from:
* William Faulkner
* Do the stories by William Faulkner qualify?

I realize you were the first person to add William Faulkner to the list, but I don't think that was the best way to handle an example you added of which you were uncertain.

"William Faulkner, though Your Mileage May Vary" would have worked better. I don't know enough about his works to judge for myself how accurate this example is, but that would at least have covered your bases without sounding like Natter-inviting Thread Mode. (I've taken the liberty of doing just this.)
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