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03:09:01 PM Jul 12th 2013
Wait, why is survival horror a subset of first person shooters? There are several very important survival horror games that are third person, and several more that don't even contain guns.
04:41:06 PM Jul 12th 2013
Not unlike Post Modernism, modern Survival Horror isn't really a genre in itself; it exists more as a blurred subset of Horror and First-Person Shooter or Third Person Shooter

Did you stop reading after the phrase First-Person Shooter?

But yes, I do agree that it's a bit of an oversimplification... though I can't think of any recent big-name SH games that weren't essentially shooters.
03:05:35 PM Jun 26th 2013
C'mon, now, does Last of Us really count as survival horror? Survival horror has an actual definition, and isn't just a category for "zombie games I like".
07:52:06 AM Apr 13th 2017
Luigi's Mansion is listed as a straight example.
05:28:28 PM Mar 20th 2013
Can we make it so this isn't strictly a videogame trope? Survival horror fiction is fantastic and should receive more attention.
09:59:14 PM Nov 8th 2010
Okay, so why is F.E.A.R. not listed in examples? I mean, I can sort of see the argument that it's not "Survival Horror" per se, but when other examples include Left 4 Dead and, of all things, Portal, I think it deserves a mention.
11:02:26 AM Nov 9th 2010
If you think it's an example, add it.
07:09:52 AM Dec 14th 2010
Portal should be deleted.
07:47:41 AM Apr 8th 2011
Both Portal & Minecraft (and possibly a few others) need to be deleted. The page should have a disclaimer somewhere: Just because it scares you for some bizarre reason, doesn't mean it qualifies as a survival horror game.

I mean, seriously? Minecraft? =/
01:14:35 PM Aug 13th 2011
Minecraft fills the basics:

It's scary. You need to survive.

11:58:03 AM Apr 3rd 2013
there should also be more indepth notes regarding the fact that even though games like dead space and resident evil 4 are more on the action side, this is not true of everything before new game plus (meaning when you play it for the first time) ammo is still scarce, equipment still sucks, and enemies can still kick your ass pre new game plus.
12:18:17 PM Apr 3rd 2013
Yeah... that's equally true of Halo, though.
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