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04:33:13 AM Apr 2nd 2012
  • Within the backstory, there is a legend of two very closely related entities with god-like power who ruled the land. The elder one was associated with light, the color white and had control over fire while the younger one was associated with darkness, the color black and had control over lightning. Eventually, the younger one grew dissatisfied with the status quo and started to fight with the elder one, which threw the land into complete chaos. Eventually, one of the entities sealed the other within a circular object and peace was restored to the land. However, by the climax of the main story, the sealed entity is unsealed and six others have to face and defeat it with with the Power of Friendship.

- There's one thing that I don't get. What're the "six others" in Pokémon Black and White? I get the MLP "six others" being the keepers of the Elements of Harmony, but I don't understand the one in Pokémon. Does it represent the maximum six Pokémon the player can carry at a time? Because that doesn't seem to make sense.
10:44:13 AM Jan 27th 2011
Why is this in Main? It's not a trope. Says right here: "Here, we should experiment with finding some less obvious, and probably nonexistent connections, through wordplay, and selective examples of plot points." This page is an exercise in wordplay and selective presentation. Not a trope.
08:42:44 PM Nov 19th 2010
Should this page be sorted?
05:47:58 PM Jan 19th 2011
Once it gets large enough, then yes. I would suggest sorting examples in "Similar Stories", "Similar Characters", and "Uses Outside of TV Tropes".
05:53:03 AM Aug 2nd 2010
Isn't the Coraline or The Wee Free Men example due to them both being the archetypal story of a child having to save someone from Fairyland?
08:21:01 AM Jul 19th 2010
Can we add musician discography examples? Such as this:

  • Musician makes a debut album that is only a modest hit both critically and commercially, yet includes the musician's most famous song, which the musician does not like very much. The musician goes into a much more experimental direction for the second album, which features imagery rather than personal lyrics. It doesn't do well commercially, but fares much better critically and is considered a huge improvement over the debut. The third album eventually becomes the musician's best selling album and is often considered his artistic triumph. Radiohead or Van Morrison?
05:41:43 PM Jul 28th 2011
Why not?
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