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01:31:43 AM Oct 4th 2014
Added another candidate for being the Ur-Example of the trope - Uruk king Lugalbanda, predating even Gilgamesh.
03:17:00 PM Jun 30th 2013
edited by
Removed the following from under Rainbow Dash in Friendship Is Magic:

  • Whizzer from the original My Little Pony cartoon was also quite the speedster.
  • Also from Friendship Is Magic, Pinkie Pie can move on land even faster than Rainbow Dash flying, usually in a rather cartoony way. Fluttershy can also catch up to Rainbow if given the proper incentive.
  • Lightning Dust is a super speedster as well, perhaps on par with Rainbow Dash.

Not enough information for the older character, which makes me doubt whether it belongs here given the tone of the other examples; just going as fast as Rainbow Dash under conditions where she isn't going faster than speed isn't automatically Super Speed, nor is Offscreen Teleportation; you don't indent examples under other examples anyway, though that would just have needed corrective editing if there wasn't some other reason to remove these.

This is SUPER speed. Not just "that flier is rather fast."
04:50:47 AM Sep 15th 2012
The trope description starts with "It's not flight" but quite a few examples like Hermes and Superman do have flight. Should it be changed to something like "It's not always flight" or maybe "...except when it is"?
04:15:45 AM Aug 4th 2012
With regards to The Flash rescuing half a million inhabitants of a city from a nuclear explosion within a fraction of a second:
  • The narrator's wrong, by the way. With the numbers given that little trick required him to move far, far faster than mere light.
Not quite - you forgot the theory of relativity. Travelling close to the speed of light slows down time [or reduces the distance that needs to be covered], so - if sufficiently close to it - he'd be able to pull this trick. (Of course, there are other reasons why this would have been impossible; according to xkcd, the mere act of travelling through the atmosphere at relativistic speeds would have resulted in a nuclear explosion.)
05:22:38 PM Dec 15th 2011
How can Hermes be the Ur Example if he does it by flying, and the trope descriptions starts with "It's not flight" ?
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