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10:05:41 PM Sep 7th 2016
Does anyone else feel disgusted by how OCD gets treated as a joke in the media? I know I feel like smacking TV writers that think having anxiety and nervous breakdowns is funny in the head. This feeling cropped up a little after watching the Scrubs episode where Michael J. Fox plays a doctor with OCD and how the character felt upset with himself over it.
04:35:38 PM Aug 29th 2012
We need to find a new quote- he current one is incorrect, what is actually said is "Well I say obsessive compulsive because thats alphabetical order, isn't it?" and the character is joking.
08:29:44 AM Aug 30th 2012
This is the place to do that.
05:58:10 PM Mar 15th 2011
Does the information on obsessive compulsive personality disorder not belong on this page?
01:26:59 PM Dec 7th 2012
If it does, it should be corrected. I have OCPD and it isn't "all about order." In a sense it is, but as-written it seems to be about conveying order in a similar (but more precise) manner than OCD.

That isn't OCPD at all; OCD is inward compulsion, OCPD is outward control (among other things). OCPD individuals have rigid rules and may even have OCD-like rituals. In my case, I am constantly trying to establish order in my life. My morning-get-ready routine changes almost weekly, but it's out of compulsory desire to find the PERFECT routine.

OCPD individuals tend to have tunnel vision and see the world in black & white, all-or-nothing, which makes interpersonal relationships difficult. It's my way or the highway, whether you're driving, visiting, or even disagree with me about which foods or movies are good. YOU'RE WRONG.

It is also caused by anxiety, basically about anxiety that nothing will go right, has been theoretically linked to hyperactive imagination (I demand that everyone use their turn signals because I can't help imagining loved ones dying pretty much every time they get into a car).

Whereas OCD individuals recognize that their thoughts are unwanted, OCP Ders believe their thoughts are right and correct (for themselves and others). That is, this is the way everyone SHOULD live (ergo there's nothing wrong with me).

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