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02:09:44 PM Jan 2nd 2017
Just for the record, this has ALWAYS annoyed me when the main character is an Navy SEAL...

12:53:04 PM Jun 11th 2011
What happened in the page image? Did Master Chief's power armor short out and electrocute everyone?
03:57:20 PM Jul 11th 2011
All characters shown ( the protagonists from Halo, Assasins Creed and, i think, Red Dead Redemption) are all game-heroes who drown if they fall in water.
03:49:24 PM Oct 13th 2010
Dunno if it's the etiquette here, but since it is on Wikia I thought I'd repost what I removed from the article if it's decided what I replaced it with was inferior or something. From the Brutal Legend part of the games area:

  • In Brütal Legend if Eddy walks or drives into water over his head (or somewhere close) he will react as though hit with random pained yells. If you stay for more then a few seconds he dies with the same animation as if were killed in combat (he suddenly falls down like he is being hit) and dies instantly if you go in much farther. If you are in the car it will explode THEN you die. Apparently the only water he can swim in and survive is the Sea of Black Tears, the only body of water in the world GUARANTEED to kill you.

I just deleted all of it since all the water in the game is treated the same way for the most part(save for areas of poor/rushed programming), Sea of Black Tears included.
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