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12:17:42 PM Feb 8th 2015
Re cut: See forum discussion.
04:51:07 PM Oct 4th 2012
edited by VictorDamazio
Strictly Formula: Done right, even tough all episodes of a show/installments in a franchise follow the same pattern, it can still be creative, the stories can still look new and fresh, and it's possible to subvert and double-subvert the formula once in a while, and sometimes the work can't be done right without it, but done bad, the work can become boring and predictable, and people won't like being told the same story over and over again.
08:22:20 AM Dec 31st 2010
Does The Load belong in this category?
04:10:19 AM Jan 1st 2011
edited by DragonQuestZ
Just tell us how it can be done right, and how it often isn't.
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