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01:02:54 AM Sep 1st 2013
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Why do people use strings for these instead of something else like... I don't know, very narrow tape or something?

Have you ever tried to tie the very end of a piece of string around a thumb tack, and the other very end around another, then stick them both to a board so the string is pulled taut at exactly the length you need to connect two clippings... and not have either end of the string fall off its respective tack in the process? Well let me tell you, its hard as all hell, and damn near impossible without more than one person (which these crazy loner conspiracy theorists generally do not have). And using the tack to skewer a piece of yarn down the middle will only fray the yarn, not pin it to the board.

Surely the set designers have pointed this out countless times.

Also: does anyone know something I could use instead of string? Not a conspiracy theorist or anything. I've only got the board because it looks cool (and because its a fun way to plan out conspiracy stories ahead of time).
02:58:58 PM Oct 26th 2011
Needs a new name. "String Theory" is misleading. Anyone who hadn't read the trope page already would have no way of knowing it was a pune or play on words instead of refering to actual string theory.
11:07:43 AM Dec 18th 2013
how about... "Stringed Theories"?
12:31:44 PM Jul 18th 2010
Is this a troop or a comic?
01:05:36 AM Sep 1st 2013
Its a trope.
06:25:00 PM May 2nd 2010
Original YKTTW Description:

"So you want to make a map off all time now, do ya? That multi-verse got your head spinning faster than the wheels of 1987 Chevy put up on blocks? Well come on down to Uncle Troper's Temporal Emporium depo, where we can serve your time and space needs so long as there is both time and space to go around. We got pictures of people, maps of places, and cryptic hints, ready to be thrown up on pegboard and 100% Guaranteed to be significant to your timeline, and make some heads scratch. We got everything down to the string used to link your events together. One String, Two String, Red String, Blue String, we got it all in one convenient location for ya'll brow-sin' pleasure. So come on down to Uncle Troper's Temporal Emporium depo, where tomorrow starts today!"

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