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02:42:53 PM Sep 23rd 2016
Is Oberlin College an acceptable addition to the "Berserkeley" section, or are there enough examples already?
10:02:16 AM Jul 2nd 2011
I think you might want to change the Jonestown analogy because Jim Jones was acutally a marxist-socialist in practice who was very liberal and wanted his followers to worship him as a god.
01:30:17 AM Sep 24th 2011
Just what I was thinking. And he wasn't just a Marxist "in practice". He openly belonged to the Communist Party of America. A "Jim Jonestown University" would be a super-extreme Berzerkeley.

Pat Robertson's Regent University might be a better counterpoint to UCB.
07:09:41 PM May 11th 2011
What about the kind of strawman-conservative college that's not so much religiously fanatical as really snobby and country-clubbish and exclusively devoted to the study of dead white guys? I feel like that's at least as common as the Jim Jonestown variant.
09:20:21 PM Aug 25th 2010
Cut this for clarification: Literature
  • The mystery novel Murdering Americans is set in a university in New Paddington, Indiana. The author spends most of the book satirizing the left, which turns into an Author Filibuster. (But before that there are a lot of jabs at the lack of culture at New Paddington University — no attractive old buildings or haute cuisine — criticisms which would not apply to Berkeley, no matter how conservative the critic.) Selfish, cowardly and greedy administrators have let crazy, PC leftists take over the campus and terrify conservative students into silence. But the amateur detective/Author Avatar leads a revolution to restore conservatism and sanity.

Is the school a Berserkley or a Jim Jonestown University? I can't tell from the example.
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