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02:07:52 PM Jul 27th 2010
Katchoo is not a Jerk Sue. She is, sometimes, a jerkass. She is, always, extremely popular and loved by those around her. However, simply being a jerkass who remans popular and liked does not make somebody a Jerk Sue.

David gets fed up and disillusioned by her constant rejections and insults and leaves to go back to Japan. He does not lose his feelings for her, but her abrasiveness does drive him away.

Francine shuts Katchoo out of her life after she practically attacks Brad Silver when they first meet, and keeps shoving her out again each time she tries to reinsert herself.

All the villains constantly (Constantly) point out the mistakes and erros of her life.

A Jerk Sue is somebody who is treated as perfect and god-like person regardless of their actions, set up by not just the characters but even the writers as the best person of the cast. Katchoo, however, is portrayed as a flawed, troubled and damaged woman who the characters (And writer) continue to love, but only because they have dealt with their issues. She is not a Jerk Sue.
05:45:57 PM Jul 27th 2010
edited by Lavode
Hm. I think she fits the definition pretty well, because

- She's a Jerk Ass to most people except Francine and eventually David and Casey, especially in the earlier story arcs. This is sometimes portrayed as fun and rebellious.

- For most of the story, Francine and David keep coming back for more because they love her so much. They both leave her for a year or two - David because he got tired of her abuse, Francine because Brad could give her children, safety and respectability (which must have looked even more attractive after the Veronica arc). But they both angst about it a lot, and they both return to her eventually.

- Except for Freddie, most of the more important characters are motivated either by love for Katchoo or by "love that burns like hate" for her, even villains like Darcy and Veronica. She's just that special.

- Katchoo is insanely skilled at a lot of different things: art, fighting, sex, foreign languages, politics, running computer companies...

- Many characters are incredibly attracted to her (take Sara Bryan or Carolyn) even when she isn't trying to be attractive, which is most of the time.

- She spends a lot of time angsting about either her past or her Unrequited Love for Francine, but it's only near the end of the story that she moves on with her life and becomes something resembling a well-adjusted citizen (and even then she flies into a rage and smashes a table when Casey tells her she's dating David).

I'm sorry about the wall of text and the fact that I'm Complaining About Characters I Don't Like (although I did like Katchoo for the first half of Si P).
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