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11:54:22 AM Oct 5th 2011
The lovely bit of prose below was under the Star Wars entry. It seems to contradict the main entry, which says that that instance was the first, last, and only time the effect was used in the original trilogy. If someone who remembers better than me could figure out which one is right, and fix the entry so it's not so...obnoxious, that'd be great.

  • In an earlier scene, Luke ignites his lightsaber and it is very obviously a Jeannie Cut. And it remained just that in each and every special edition. It is very, very, very obvious. It even goes so far as to clue us in by having C3PO tell Luke that he'll shut down now. All as to have as little movement as possible in that scene, because that way, Anthony Daniels didn't need to be in that suit for the ignition scene. All in all, it is such an obvious use of this Cut as to be a direct Shout-Out, if not a deliberate Take That!. The deactivation of the lightsaber happens off-screen, though.
    • In a later scene however, we can clearly see him deactivate his lightsaber, and yes, it is a Jeannie cut.
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