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11:35:31 AM Jun 3rd 2014
Pretty sure Damage Sponge won a rename trope crowner in the repair shop. So why is this still called Stone Wall and why is all block no bite a redirect? Pretty sure that one was voted down.
02:03:37 PM Jun 3rd 2014
edited by
IIRC that was to be one small part of a giant overhaul of this and several other related tropes, and the whole thing eventually fell apart. I'm not sure if that rename crowner would still be considered valid or if you'd need to go through the process again if you wanted it renamed.

I oppose Damage Sponge, for the record. It's no better a description of the trope than Stone Wall is, albeit for a different reason.

As for All Block No Bite, it's a dumb-sounding name, but hey, Redirects Are Free.
12:18:58 AM May 26th 2013
Let's clarify this once and for all: Is speed really factored into this trope at all?

From what I know about Stone Wall, it is only about High Defence and low Offence. In my opinion, it does not matter if the speed is low or average.

This is especially true for Berzerking and Shielding styles, where the Stone Wall needs an extent to speed to reach the incoming attacks.
10:14:18 AM May 27th 2013
Speed isn't a factor. Part of the problem with Titanium Peashooter was that it implicitly turned speed into a factor on this trope.

Hence why there are Stone Walls that don't get by on defense, but on Evasion (Super Robot Taisen has Stone Walls that are real robots that just dodge every attack thrown at them).
06:55:02 PM Jul 22nd 2012
edited by KirbyRider
What about this:

Bob can outrun a cheetah, and can withstand anything that Planet Earth can, but can't even bend rubber. In other words, great speed and solid defenses, but bad attack.

There are examples out there! Examples from Pokémon include Tentacruel, Jumpluff, Pachirisu, and Serperior.
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