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06:59:45 PM Dec 4th 2012
I'm confused as to why the description talks about physical attractiveness and bishounen when the core of this trope is "Glasses=stoic."
04:12:00 AM Dec 7th 2012
I think the problem is that there's not really a proper Spear Counterpart on the wiki to Cute Glasses Girl, where a guy is considered hot because he's wearing glasses. Since while CGG is technically considered unisex, it also only refers to guys who are equally cute/adorable/shy and so on, which isn't the standard for attractive men. Meanwhile, Megane is more of a disambiguation page.

This trope, however, more fits the actual stereotypically standard personality for attractive men, so it catches more of the "guy whose glasses makes him look hot" examples.

My theory, anyway.
09:39:03 AM Jun 7th 2010
Lagren: It's kind of odd how many of these people have ponytails. Are ponytails on men an indicator of stoicism or something as well? They seem to be trope-worthy at least.

Legolas from LOTR comes to mind immediately, but he has no glasses to go with his ponytail.
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