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06:56:55 AM Jun 9th 2012
Airship innacuracies—

I removed the following note:
  • The previously-mentioned Behemoth airship doesn't have defense gun coverage in the back for 60 degrees of flight area. This is the key to defeating it with a four-star rank—or, for that matter, defeating it at all.

And a similar comment later in the page. I haven't played every version, but this just isn't accurate, at least with respect to the Android app and the Web original version. The Behemoth certainly _does_ have coverage to the rear. Try it and see! What may have been tripping up the original troper is that the German airship has very short ranged guns, and the range is calculated from a point near the center of the airship. So you have to fly right up onto the tail of the thing for the guns to be able to hit you. Anyone who's watched a missile fly _right through_ a Behemoth without scoring a hit has seen the downside of this phenomenon.

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