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03:26:44 AM Mar 24th 2013

No, it's a regular prequel given that during production, Scott stated outright on several occasions that it was a prequel to Alien.

  • Similarly, the first Alien vs. Predator movie could be seen as a prequel to the Alien series proper. It starts out looking like a mindless slash-em-up crossover, but it goes on to explain the origin of the Xenomorph species as well as some details about The Company's genesis.

Three things. 1: It's called Alien vs Predator. 2: It has xenomorphs in it. 3: The presence of xenomorphs was heavily promoted. Could anyone possibly have been in doubt that this was part of the Alien series?
12:19:08 PM Jun 27th 2014
I would say that Prometheus qualifies as a stealth prequel.

most people don't, and shouldn't have to, research old news and production quotes from the director when they watch a movie. The only thing that really matters is the content of the movie itself. Very little of the movie, or even the movie synopsis, would tell you it's an Alien prequel, and only hardcore fans would pick up on the other hints sprinkled around throughout the movie.
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