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03:41:06 AM Mar 21st 2013
You know that cracked article seems to be another vestige of men being blamed for all of the worlds problems which is not only wrong and misandric but quite sinister. It also comes of as making male sexuality out as something evil. Frankly I am sick of it being okay for people hating men for the fact that they want a girl who is reasonably attractive while at the same time women are allowed to be as cruel and haughty as possible to men who don't meet their standards. I'm sure a feminist will respond to me calling me a misogynist or whatever but understand that there are worst things I've been called and treated as in life.
07:58:35 AM Dec 5th 2011
Hey, what happened to the averted/subverted examples? That is about 50% of the article deleted without any explanation!
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