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12:10:37 PM Oct 19th 2011
This one really needs an explanation of its difference to Job System.
10:47:03 PM Aug 27th 2014
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It really doesn't. Accessing different jobs can only be done either outside a dungeon/field, or within some complex menu in the pause screen. This is totally free-form, that flexibly allows a switch mid-combat.

I will grant you that we seem have a Missing Supertrope on our hands here, since some of these examples getting shoehorned in aren't really combat oriented, or they feature very stilted or boxed combat that doesn't flow all that evenly from non-combat situations. Might have to YKTTW a trope about combat-mode as opposed free-movement mode, or maybe cases where characters change their playstyle in some fashion.
07:44:33 PM May 6th 2010
edited by DorianMode
Would Z-targeting from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time count? It did let you use different moves, and changed the way you fought...
06:49:56 PM May 20th 2010
It really wouldn't. That's just common in hack-n-slash.

It shouldn't matter anyway; Zelda is already mentioned several times on the page anyway, so it's received the wick.
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