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04:36:28 PM Jun 19th 2017
edited by johnnye
"Pharaoh: If you take too many years to complete a mission, the population stays as it is, but the actual workforce decreases. But you still have to feed the people, run the industries, prevent the buildings from collapsing or catching fire, please the gods, train armies, build monuments; and if the missing workers get to 3 digits, that's grave trouble. Of course, you can always add more housing and bring more workers... but you will need even more resources to take care of them as well, and space may be a problem. Of course, that's unless you prepare the layout for future expansions from the begining, and the new houses when the workforce reduces are All According to Plan (the genre is not called "strategy" for naught)"

Can anyone confirm that this is actually a punishment for taking too long and not just... the way the late game is meant to play out? Highly advanced dwellings promote their working residents to idle, resource-gobbling aristocrats, which results in precisely the workforce-juggling mechanic described here. I can't find any references in strategy guides to the game getting harder as a result of you merely taking too long, outside of the missions which explicitly have time limits.
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