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12:10:16 PM Dec 29th 2012

  • The Day the Terrorists Won. The entire series is a cliffhanger about whether the good guys will defeat the bad guys or not. The series was cancelled after 3 episodes when viewers guessed the ending after seeing the title.
    • The second episode was titled "A Funeral of a Deaf Man". Seeing as how one of the man characters was deaf, it was pretty obvious what was going to happen.

Google says nothing about a series named "The Day the Terrorists Won", whether with a deaf man or not, so I am assuming the example is a fake. That, or the series is a non-English one with a non-English title, in which case someone may reinstate it with the original title instead.
11:45:08 PM Mar 26th 2010
Cut this from the Monstrous Regiment example:

  • Not all that much of a spoiler, given the much more straightforward interpretation (it is Discworld) and the fact that the main character's "secret" is known to the reader from the very beginning (if it has the cover picture I've seen, possibly even before opening the book).

Because even though yes, we know from the beginning that the viewpoint character is a Sweet Polly Oliver, the quote and title refer to an entire regiment of women, and a large part of the plot and climax revolves around figuring out just how much of the regiment is made up of women. All of it. And then some. The "much more straightforward interpretation", that they are literal monsters such as trolls and vampires, is a decoy pun. If you're familiar with the title-naming quote you'll be able to guess the grand reveal by fifty pages in.
01:02:36 AM Mar 20th 2010
I read once that Japanese media/stories don't have the same attitude about keeping surprises and spoilers that many other cultures do, which explains a lot of the anime and manga entries (and why similar things happen in previews in Japan). Can anyone knowledgeable confirm or correct this?
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