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07:50:06 AM Sep 9th 2011
edited by martia
would like to ask: is this article specifically refering to the RL condition of Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously wrongly called Multiple Personality Disorder)? It is what i can infer from it so far.

Does it include Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome (medically known as Borderline Personality Disorder) as well?

And there's also what counseling terms as "Soul Fragmentation" for those who have split their souls into separate personalities as children (akin to how others create an imaginary friend) as a defense mechanism?

If so, i think it should be added in as well. Snce there are clear distinctions between them IRL. Even though I know that TV tends to lump them all together as split personality.
10:53:55 PM Mar 22nd 2011
edited by roflcopteriii
Am I the only one that wants to axe the Troper Tales Section of this article? Very few of the actual entries fit the article, and it's definitely veering off into a using the disorder as a means of getting attention for being differentangle. Thr vast majority on that page probably don't have it.
07:13:25 AM Jan 26th 2017
Yeah i guess you are
07:33:03 AM Jan 26th 2017
... why are you responding to a six-year old post? Moreover, you're responding incorrectly, since Troper Tales was cut entirely.
11:51:13 AM Feb 15th 2011
edited by BritBllt
Replaced a ginormous hottip with a link to the Wikipedia article DID controversy, for a few reasons...

basically, it's thought that the vast majority of people who claim to have it are either faking for some purpose, or have been the victim of something called iatrogenic artifact, which is when someone is (usually by accident) made to believe that they do have the disorder, and begin to behave in accordance with the diagnosis due to a mechanism related to the placebo effect. Even if it is a real disorder, it's thought to be vastly overdiagnosed, with the majority of cases being fake or the result of aforementioned iatrogenesis. Even if DID does exist, it almost never happens to people who aren't white, wealthy, and from a Western, first-world, English-speaking nation, usually the USA; many people have argued that this makes it a cultural abberation, such as exist in many societies, rather than a legitimate psychological disorder. In addition, many studies have shown that as many as 80% of cases found in these countries were found by the same very small group of psychologists, usually people who actively advertise themselves as "experts" on DID and who may or may not be entirely scrupulous. It's very complicated, and there are some great articles out there arguing for each side if you're interested in learning more. Just don't expect the debate to be resolved any time soon. Oh, and ignore any article that uses electoencephalogram (EEG) evidence or similar as proof, for either side; it's been shown repeatedly that these measures are not suitable for research regarding "personality" as a construct. However, outside North America, there is a definitive set of disorders called Dissociative Disorders which result from the mind disassociating abusive or traumatic stimuli (physical or psychological), particularly at any point before 18 years old (where the personality is not fully defined). Dissociative and psychotic fugues, amnesia and states of depersonalisation are valid disorders and are diagnosed via criteria in the DSMV-IV, with manifestations of ulterior aspects of a single personality in ways unnoticed by the individual's conscious mind. What in America is categorised as a definitive disorder with a set of specific symptomatic criterion, is interpreted by the rest of the world as a multi-faceted presentation of these different disorders in the same patient, which isn't so much unheard of or unreliably projected by iatrogenic interference, but rare. Thank you for reading this very extended footnote..

For one thing, that is huge, even for a hottip. There comes a point in any technically-themed trope where the discussion of a controversial sticking point starts drowning out the trope itself, and even hottip formatting has to draw the line when the hottip's bigger than the rest of the article. It's also showing signs of Wiki Schizophrenia, with different pros and cons of the diagnosis and related disorders going back and forth, which is probably why it's gotten so long. And just having the The Other Wiki's link in lieu of all this ensures that, if anyone wants to know the details, they're likely to get the latest updates on the topic.
12:05:35 PM Feb 15th 2011
edited by Jordan
Wiki Schizophrenia seems quite appropriate for this page. :0)
12:07:22 PM Feb 15th 2011
True. :P
11:10:01 AM Jan 24th 2011
Schizophrenia... When the left hand doesn't know who the right hand is killing!! That quote isn't right. Schizophrenia is something else entirely, it's not split personality. Either the movie made a big mistake or that quote is wrong. Inform yourself before posting something.

12:02:08 PM Feb 15th 2011
edited by BritBllt
Schizophrenia jokes pretty commonly confuse it with DID, about as regularly as sci-fi shows spout that old "you don't use 90% of Your Brain" urban myth. At one point very early on researchers thought the two were related; science marched on fairly quickly, but pop culture's never completely caught up. I'll move the tagline quote to the Quotes page, though, and swap it out with another one that doesn't muddle things up.
02:48:35 PM Aug 10th 2010
The Real Life natter's been building for awhile, so moving here...

  • Averted: Despite many attempts to use this disorder as a legal defense (detailed below), not a single case of MPD/DID has been found to be genuine enough to actually be accepted in the courts. Most attempts were either revealed as frauds by the defendant, or otherwise collapsed in on themselves due to outside evidence. In many cases, everyone except the psychologists will agree that they have never seen the person exhibit signs of a genuine multiple personality disorder before.
    • Also averted in the sense that a successful claim of MPD/DID, should it ever come about, wouldn't result in the defendant walking; he or she would be placed in an asylum for treatment, which could last the rest of their lives. Insanity defenses aren't as appealing in real life as they are in fiction.
      • Also averted in that the law is to be obeyed by all, you being a part of a split personallity shouldn't be factoring into it.
        • No, but IF it were true, it would create some difficulty with appropriately punishing the 'right' person, particularly in cases/countries where the death penalty would be involved.
  • You don't have to look even that far.
  • Most people have different facets to their own single personality, and many people act differently under sufficient stress. This makes it easy for slightly-unstable people to be talked into believing that they may have multiple personalities, and then beginning to act in that way. However, people who were only slightly unstable do not then run amuck and commit crimes.
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