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05:35:33 PM Jan 22nd 2013
Is A is for Amber a Spinoff Babies of the Amber Brown series by Paula Danziger?
04:57:10 PM Jan 3rd 2013
edited by Candi
"They tried taking this tangent with Strawberry Shortcake a few times, most notably in with the 2003 series by way of the launch of the Strawberry Shortcake Baby line, featuring baby Strawberry Shortcake, kitten Custard, a younger puppy Pupcake and an unnamed teddy bear being prominently displayed on products meant for infants and toddlers."

The baby toy line is a revival from farther back. One of my presents in early 1980s was a Baby Strawberry Shortcake, while my sister got Baby Blueberry Muffin. (Around 1983, based on my Dad's deployment.)

"ElfQuest included some self-parody strips featuring the regular characters drawn in the style of Tiny Toon Adventures."

This is NOT an example. The characters are still adults, just cartoonishly drawn in goofy stories (There were at least two). I think it should be pulled. Any thoughts or objections?
01:59:32 PM Mar 1st 2012
Pulled this

It's not a Spinoff Babies, it's a straight-up Prequel, and actually more of an inverted Spin-Offspring (the focus is on Joan Trotter and Freddy the Frog, not teenage Del).
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