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06:40:57 PM Aug 26th 2016
Someone who knows more about mecha than I do should add the Alexanders from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled - humanoid mecha that transform into this, and are more agile in this form.
08:59:58 AM Apr 3rd 2011
The page image isn't so great.

I was thinking a fuchikoma/tachikoma would probably be a better example, and more asthetically striking. Will put one up at some point unless someone else has a good image in mind.
04:17:41 PM Oct 7th 2010
Deleted most of this digression from the StarCraft example:

  • The Protoss evidently never invented the wheel, since most of their ground mechanical units are some variation on the Spider Tank. Other examples include the Immortal and Stalker (upgraded dragoons), the Colossus. (The sole exception - the Reaver - moves like a mechanical caterpillar rather than a spider.)
    • That's an H.G. Wells thing right there. Can a species miss something as obvious as the wheel? Is it even possible to build technology without it?
    • Why not? Hydraulics (up to fluid amplifiers and maybe fluid cushions), pneumatics and decent metallurgy don't need it. This allows vibro-tools. Lever-based mechanics, chemistry, galvanics, welding... The question is—at which point it becomes Selective Obliviousness and eventually an Overlong Running Gag?
    • Partially explained through the backstory as the Protoss received all of their technology through the Xel'Naga. It's possible they were never introduced to the idea of using wheels as a method of transportation as they were immediately given warp and hover technology.
    • It's also possible there has been no consideration given to the fact that the Dragoon has a spinning set of supports on its underbody that grip the ground when it fires.

05:19:19 AM Mar 30th 2011
The Descent 3, the Hellion Assault Mech isn't a spider tank: it floats on agrav units and it's shaped like a squid those arms aren't used for walking but whacking the player in the unlikely event they survive proximity.

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