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10:18:32 PM Mar 16th 2017
I'm sure there are a lot more movies which can be added to the list of examples of this trope
06:02:36 AM Dec 20th 2012
I don't get the Visual Pun in the article image.
06:47:31 AM Dec 20th 2012
So, chicken or the egg?

Which came first?
02:46:48 PM Dec 21st 2015
"Don't matter, got laid." -The Egg
02:47:09 AM Dec 22nd 2010
Speed sex sounds like it's deliberately brief or simply sex with pacy action. Maybe use a common euphemism for the title, such as 'quick to the trigger', 'before the fat lady sings' or 'over in a flash'. Maybe 'one minute wonder' or 'six thrust sex'
09:29:52 PM Apr 28th 2012
Smo, I think the trope name is a proper one. I've added material to aid in how characters (or tropers) could avoid this situation. I've done my best to be both conscientious and also not overly explicit (at least no more so than most other of the sex tropes I have seen so far) I'm 50 years old and speaking from at least two marriages and a lot of reading. Please discuss with me before deleting it.
02:19:35 AM Apr 29th 2012
This page is no more likely to be cut than any other of its type. Anyway, please remember to follow the No Lewdness guidlines when adding to the page (I'm not saying you haven't, just that it's a problem which could happen). Also, name changes go to the Trope Repair Shop rather than discussion pages.
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